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Minimum payment dropped  

Few days ago I received this through the SlashmySearch forums:

Request Your Payments Now!

We have decided to do a request payment structure instead of automating payments. This way our members can make sure their payment information is correct before requesting a payment and see exactly what they are getting. You must submit a request to get your payment.
You can do this now at payment request page.

Thank you,

Decided to try it out and here is result:

This pay period is for May 1, 2007 through May 31, 2007. It may also include earlier pay periods if you were not eligible for a payment until now. You currently have $9.03 from this period. There is currently a $20 minimum balance requirement. If you do not have a balance exceeding $20, a payment will not be issued. Your earnings will continue to roll forward until you meet this requirement.

You are not currently eligible for a payment. Your earnings will roll forward to next month. Remember to keep searching and try out new ways to earn on to make more money.

SlashMySearch New Earning Options

So it seems that the minimum payment has finally dropped to $20, as it was in the past months, our Terms and Service and policies set a $50 minimum balance limit.

  • SMSCash - Complete offers and get instant cash in your Search N Earn account. We have over 2,500 offers and many are open to international users. Many of our users can earn $30 in under half an hour. Click here to learn more about SMSCash at our forums.
  • - Get a email address which counts towards your activity. Click here to learn more about at our forums.
  • SMS F@H Team - This is the Folding@Home Team. This is 100% optional, but it will help us with our philanthropy goals that we set for ourselves. We already donate money to charities every month, now our members can help us do even more. Click here to learn more about SMS F@H Team at our forums.
  • SMSForums - This forum is important because it is where we post news, announcements and new features. We have found that this is the best way to communicate with our members. You also get to meet other members, post links and advertisements for everyone to see (in a designated forum) and read a lot more information that can't be covered in emails or the member center. Plus it counts towards your Search N Earn account activity.
  • SMSPix - Introducing New SMSPix Pixel Advertising and Free Ads. An effective method of advertising using pixels. You get unlimited click-trough's rivaling the cost of PPC programs. Start today and choose the price point you can afford. From free pixels (limited availability) to $0.05 per pixel. Try it out now! Click here to learn more about SMSPix at our forums.
  • And as always, you earn with your Search N Earn account by actively using our search engine (all features are included: web, shopping, etc.) and loading your homepage.

I will keep you updated about my status on this site, but if you would like to become a member you can use this link.

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