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The Leader of Incentive Based Marketing is back!  

Do you remember my article Is AdBux scam or payable program where I write about some strange things related to that site. On the end of that article I said that it is best to wait and see what will happen with site. Well that was good thing to do, because AdBux is back with new layout and stronger as ever.

New site layout isn't the best thing that happen. Main news is that AdBux now sends Checks to their users. PayPal isn't only payable option anymore. That is the reason I am putting that site on my recommendations first place. Finally I can receive money from paid-to-click site. Because my country's PayPal restriction I couldn't receive any money from paid-to-click sites (hope that will change soon!).

AdBux for Advertisers

One of the most valuable features of advertising with AdBux, the thing that sets us apart from mainstream advertising is that with AdBux, the consumers are looking for the advertisers and not the other way around. We have hundreds of thousands of consumers from over 200 countries that can be targeted by their interests, their location and their buying power. They are literally waiting for advertisers to pay them to look at stuff that they are already interested in! To check out our rates, testimonials and traffic patterns, click HERE.
AdBux for Affiliates

In the world of secular advertising, advertisers pay a medium to disperse their adverts in front of targeted and/or un-targeted people. The only connection that the advertisers have with potential consumers is interest. Using images, word play and offering the product/service at a cheaper price works in some or most instances, but what else can be added to entice the consumers to go with that particular advertiser? Our solution is a monetary incentive. Think of this: As a consumer, wouldn't it be nice to get paid to simply look at products/services/websites that interest you?

Advertisers will pay YOU up to $0.015 (1.5 cents) for every website you view! Additionally, you can maximize your earnings with our affiliate program where you can earn up to 150% of your referrals' direct click earnings and comissions on any AdBux service that your referrals purchase!

New Feature: AdBux Auto Line

Take advantage of the AdBux Auto Line and save time & money. With a 30 day subscription to the AAL, they will automatically place un-referred users in your downline as they become available. Every referral you receive will have clicked at least once and all missed referral clicks and earnings will be added to your account upon their placement. For the program to be beneficial to those who subscribe, they have only a limited amount of spots available. This will provide an estimated 15-30 active referrals per period.

AdBux Auto Line Features
  • Receive only active referrals as they become available
  • Receive missed click earnings from added referrals
  • Premium users have 48 hours to renew their spot for the next month before their subscriptions ends
  • Subscriptions last 30 days from activation date
That is not all. They have two types of membership. One is free and other one is called Premium Membership which offers you various of bonus features. Which kind of membership will you chose is up to you. Wish you happy earning with other 455,807 thousand members of AdBux!

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