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12 Tips for a more usable blog  

Usability is all about providing your visitors with an effective, efficient and satisfying experience. It's common knowledge that visitors tend to glance at, and scan, pages rather than study them in any great detail. If the message and options are not clear, they may leave. If they don't leave, the chances are that they will click on the first link that seems to be most relevant - it may not be the right one. Repeat the process a few times and soon a visitor can be lost, confused and frustrated. Either way the result is the same - missed opportunity and little likelihood of a return visit.

The more self-evident your blogs are, the greater the chance of converting the visitor into a prospect or customer.

  1. On the home page make it clear what the blog is all about.
  2. Make the purpose of each blog post obvious.
  3. User hierarchical headings to give clear structure to the copy.
  4. Make the navigation and links obvious.
  5. Use clear unambiguous wording.
  6. Make the options and next steps obvious.
  7. Remove any wording or imagery that is unnecessary, confusing or distracting.
  8. Use consistent conventions throughout.
  9. Include site search and a site map.
  10. Make information such as contact details, pricing and delivery charges clearly accessible.
  11. Make the pages printable by including a cascading style sheet for printing.
  12. Don't allow careless errors to make your site look unprofessional.

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