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Yuwie Earnings for November!  

It was about time for Yuwie to announce our earnings for November. I generated 100% more traffic in November then I was in October. So, I was very announces to see how much money will I earn. Of course earnings are RSR based. October had very low RSR just $0.35. November RSR is much bigger! According to Yuwie RSR for November is $0.54.

When I saw my November I was very surprised. I saw more then 100% increase of earnings from the last month. See the pictures of my earnings!
I you still haven't join Yuwie, but wish to! Join here.

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  • Anonymous  
    16 December 2007 at 14:09

    please learn the difference between the words then and than.

  • Goldmoney  
    18 December 2007 at 11:16

    Thanks! I will look in dictionary!

  • Anonymous  
    28 December 2007 at 18:20

    Hey myfriend.. just wondering if you have already received any payment from yet..
    the site owe me $23 about 3 months now and i haven't received any into my paypal yet.. i e-mailed the administrator about 5 times now but still there is no response..

    untill i came accross with this site claiming that it is not a legite site.check it out:

  • Goldmoney  
    5 January 2008 at 11:27

    I received my money. Look at my new post about payments. I suggest you to write them on their forum. They will respond there I am sure!!!

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