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How Cash Quest Made $500 From A Single Post  

I run into great article which was named "How I Made $500 From A Single Post", but I renamed it. I recommend Cash Quest site to all online money makers! You will find very interesting stuff there. I also noticed that Kumiko doesn't use AdSense anymore. Did I missed something???

Here is the good stuff she wrote. Enjoy!:

Two months ago I came up with a plan to make money online that I couldn’t resist testing out. It worked and I made a little over $500 just by writing a single post.

The plan was created after I found a fantastic affiliate program that paid a cool $15 per lead. The program involved a 14-day free trial offer and all I had to do was sign people up to the program to make $15.

The first thing I did was find 25 active forums that either directly or loosely related to the category that the affiliate program covered and made an account on each forum under an alias. I then headed over to Digital Point forums and found a professional forum poster who was willing to write 100 forum posts for just $10. He had received quite a lot of positive feedback so I made an arrangement with him to write 100 posts on each of the 25 forums (using my account) for $250 and sent the money - I know it was a risk, but without risk you don’t get rewards!
The forum poster did his job well. The forum posts weren’t the highest quality but they achieved the goal that I wanted - to create an active account on each forum with a certain amount of authority.

I then spent some time writing a single sales post for the affiliate program. Incentives were allowed so to make it really irresistible, I added that I would send $5 to every person who tried it out and gave the reason for this as being that I was interested in their feedback about the program. The $5 didn’t matter as I would still make $10 per lead.

I sent the sales post to my forum poster with an extra $5 and asked him to start a new thread on each of the forums that used the sales post.

The established forum account and the wording of the offer were all designed to make it all appear as legitimate, risk-free and irresistible as possible. I didn’t want the forum thread to look like spam and I’m a big believer in the “make them an offer they can’t refuse approach” so that’s exactly what I aimed for.

The results were that an average of about 3 people per forum signed up to the program. Some forums didn’t get any bites at all, but some did very well. Those sign-ups resulted in over $1000 from the affiliate program and once I had paid out the $5 to those who signed up, I was left with a little over $500 profit.

With all the organization and administration involved, it probably equated to about two days work - but now that I have the accounts I can use the same system again with different affiliate programs and the earning potential is almost unlimited.

I love making money online!

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  • CashQuest  
    24 April 2008 at 06:20

    Hi, I’ve search for those who runs similar ideas to Cash Quest and I saw you already did and I thank you for that. I would like invite you to read some of my posts about my current views on such ideas.
    Thank you.

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