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BloggingZoom Hacked  

Apparently some people don’t have anything productive to do with their time, because a pack of losers somewhere has hacked BloggingZoom and totally jacked up the server it’s on. Right now we’re working on getting the site back up, and during this time we would appreciate it if you guys could help us to spread the word. I’m sure there are people that have no idea what’s going on and we would like everyone to understand the situation.

The truth is that BloggingZoom is growing very quickly and that obviously poses a threat to quite a few different people. I’m not going to name any names but there are a few different groups and individuals that would stand to benefit if they could slow down the growth of the site.

Vic and I are both making investments that you guys would consider to be very large to ensure that BloggingZoom is here to stay - the site is growing and we will not be stopped by a bunch of weak hooligans that have to resort to this because they can’t come up with something that provides this level of benefit to bloggers. Artice

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